The Best Unique Fashion Brands You Can Find Online

Are you on the hunt for the best unique fashion brands online? Look no further! From Aritzia to Lazy Oaf, there are plenty of amazing fashion stores that offer quality materials, timeless pieces, and sustainable options. Whether you're looking for a quilted jacket, a vegan leather item, or a buttery Italian leather ballet shoe, you can find it all online. Read on to learn more about the best unique fashion online brands. Aritzia is a clothing store that is proud to use quality materials, such as vegan leather and Breeze merino wool, to offer shoppers garments that will stand the test of time. When it starts to get cold, you might want to invest in their popular Super Puff padded jackets, which are water repellent and keep you warm down to minus 22 degrees.

Everlane is another great option for unique fashion online. Not only do they source the best materials, such as their ReCashmere sweaters, but they also share every aspect of their cost breakdown so that you know exactly how much it costs to manufacture an item of clothing. They are committed to quality from day one, using ethical factories and focusing on timeless pieces rather than trends. We love their buttery Italian leather ballet shoes! Revolve is the perfect place to find a va-va-voom mini dress or plunging and cropped neckline.

Brands range from designer brands to emerging brands, so you can find an interesting mix to explore. Plus, they offer free two-day shipping and free returns. If the endless options on the site can be a little overwhelming, the Revolve design team can chat with you to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Reformation is a great place to quickly search for wedding invitees' looks or add some stylish pieces to your wardrobe.

With sustainability as its objective, Reformation uses environmentally friendly fabrics such as Tencel or recycled cotton to offer consumers feminine shapes and high-quality garments. They take into account water supply, energy production, land use, greenhouse gas emissions and ecotoxicity. Bandier is the perfect place for comfortable and fashionable sportswear. With more than 50 sportswear designers, the Bandier site becomes the center of your modern fitness activities. You can filter your searches by category, size, color and brand, and then further sort your search by price, sale or newer parts.

Plus, they have a rewards program where you can earn points every time you shop to redeem exclusive discounts. McIndoe Design by Maddy McIndoe Alice offers bright prints inspired by a childhood in the very nineties. Combined with easy-to-wear forms and printed on 100% organic cotton ethically produced in India, this feel-good collection avoids seasonal trends and focuses on producing adorable garments that are preserved forever and that make people smile. Aysha Tengiz's online store sells shirts, scarves, sweaters and much more with her beautiful works full of charming characters. When she grew up in Turkey, it was her childhood picture books that kept her healthy and inspired her to become an independent artist. Now based in London, her work retains those childish qualities and is full of life, color and joy. Finally, Lazy Oaf is an independent design-driven lifestyle brand based in London since 2001. What began with hand-printed t-shirts has grown into an established independent brand celebrating creativity, collaboration and community.

Inspired by youth subcultures, urban fashion, nostalgia and a sideways look at life, they place a strong emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility while still maintaining the DIY spirit that originally inspired them.

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