285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Ph (03) 9416 2238


*Service: Self-Serve (Stay by the kitchen to get first helpings of hot pintxos)

Don’t get it twisted. Despite its devilish name, this fiery hangout is far from the punishing pits of hell. Forget what you knew about self-service eateries.  It’s time to eradicate the words Sizzler & Smorgie’s from your vocabulary and welcome the revolutionary, relaxed style of dining that is, Naked for Satan. For just 50 cents – $2 boozy patrons can feast their eyes and fill their stomachs with an authentic selection of Spanish pintxos and croquettes.

Reminiscent of the quirky Barcelona and Berlin bar scenes, Naked for Satan transforms into a heaven for large groups who want to drink, sit back and indulge in rich, carb-loaded foods. Designed to soak up wacky concoctions of fruity vodkas and frothy ales, the variety of Spanish flavours work in perfect harmony with the refreshing drinks.  Jamon slices, smoked salmon, rice balls, deep fried mushrooms and postata omelette are just a few of the toppings that have a moreish effect with every bite.

A nightmare for the gluten-free & allergy bunch, it may be worth putting aside your dietary drawbacks for just one night. Confess your gluttonous sins and find solidarity among the lively crowds, clinking glasses and empty plates at Naked for Satan.


What to get

Sliced Jamon & Bresaola

Thin slices of salty, melt-in-your-mouth meats topped on crunchy breadstick.  

(A few) Vegetarian Options

If you can’t indulge in Jamon croquettes, meatballs, or bresaola, there’s a great selection of vege and fishy options. Tasty smoked salmon, rice balls, quince jelly with cheese and lots more. Mmmm…

If you’re not into the dozens of vodkas, try the beers on tap or impressive wine selection.

The honour service prevails… Collect your toothpicks for payment before you leave.

Photos by Jessica Eslick : )
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