238 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Mon – Fri 7am-10:30pm

Weekend 8am – 10:30pm

9416 4747

$6 – $28 (All day Breakfast)


It’s hard to ween yourself off a regular cafe’ or favourite restaurant when the coffee’s great, the breakfasts’ are gourmet and the menu is seasonal. When you’re so used to what you know and overwhelmed with Melbourne’s cafe’ culture, it’s easy to miss some unique eateries right before your eyes. Recognised for their signature dish of baked eggs (4 ways), Birdman Eating is enjoyed best when devouring dishes off the breakfast menu.

Conveniently served through to 5pm, ordering safe is not advised. With some dishes lacking in flavour, go against the grain and indulge in something unique with a burst of freshness.

For tasty tapas, exotic desserts and the best breakfast source for a morning hangover cure, head to Birdman Eating for some unlikely flavour combinations. Birdman Eating’s funky cafe’ is a perfect when shopping on Smith, Brunswick and Gertrude Streets. It’s central location and mezze style menu appeals to those who want to share a plate and be in and out with no fuss. Great for a casual date, work lunches and lazy Sundays.   

*Gluten free friendly: Try the Quinoa brewed in coconut milk. Super sweet, topped with banana served warm.  

What to Get


Toasted banana bread with honey & cinnamon labne 13.50

Buttery banana bread with sweet, sticky honey, nutty cinnamon and creamy labne

Steak sandwich with fontina, salad and mustard mayo 16

*It will make any man salivate at the sheer thought, but this dish was not as special as any others. Strange considering it had all the right elements. Not the best cut of meat, could have done with extra relish.

Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & vanilla ice cream 14.5

Smooth ricotta hotcakes with a tart, sweet berry compote, rich and delicious.

Ricotta gnocchi with vanilla cream, silverbeet & parmesan 17

Cheesey, wintery, creamy and rich with sautéed silverbeet and sharp parmesan

Warm calamari, kipfler, chorizo & lemon salad 18.50

Peppery rocket, soft, salty chorizo sausage with a light mayo dressing and buttery kipfler potatoes *Calamari had a slightly funny texture but delivered on flavour

Basboussa ~ lemon, semolina, almond & yoghurt syrup cake 7.5

Middle Eastern delicacy, authentic in flavour, sweet and sticky, very indulgent

Special *Saffron pannacotta with pistachio praline and Persian fairy floss 9.5

Sweet, sticky, soft, crunchy and fluffy.

Baked Eggs (4 Ways)

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